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Rosaline- Dangerous Love

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  • Rosaline- Dangerous Love


Death was only my choice since I had the fear of sadness inside my soul, I though it could be easier to forgot everything and just fly away leaving your past behind. But death wasn’t fun at all, it is selfish and very painful to encounter once you start to play the game.

It never stops you from haunting your life because it wants you to suffer more.

I almost entered death.

A gunshot was painful that I did not even think of crying.

Shock spread through my entire system as I struggle catching breath.

Rosaline -Dangerous Love

‘ I must not die. ‘

That’s what I thought in my mind while I screamed that day in total pain.

Speaking of pain I don’t wanna remember those again, I cannot imagine myself from that scenario where Clark actually took the bullet out of my shoulder without any medical procedures.

Entering the classroom I sat in my chair without looking at my stepbrother and Mythion, I don’t wanna see their faces after what happened but I still have to question them about something related to my Dad.

A piece of paper landed on my desk and I’m sure it was Jake all over again, he was putting his wide frin on his face that I wished someday his face could vanish out of my sight.

He acts more like a kid, a very annoying kid.

” Freak have a little fun with me please. ” He whispers making me fist my hand and faced him.

” Can you just shut your fucking mouth?! ” I irritated hissed that caused him to stare at me shocked.

” What? Never heard a freak cussed before? You suck Jake. ” Then I rolled my eyes and turned back to what I was doing before.

I heard waves of laughter from behind, probably Clark and Raver who has witnessed what I just said to their friend.

Well, he deserves it for being the annoying person in my life beside Clark.

” Dude you suck. ”

Heading to English class I was having this bad mood on my face, remember Evan who had asked me out on a date with him? Well yeah, he actually did another chance today.

But I know he was just playing a damn role in his group of friends, I thought he was kind but it end up no. Therefore on my checklist, he is now counted.

” Rosaline I was wondering why you haven’t met us the last day on the journalism club? Is there something wrong? ”

My teacher in English asked me which I just smile and thought of some reasonable excuse.

” I was having very bad day ma’am sorry for not attending. ”

” It’s okay… Mythion actually said you cried, I just thought something bad happened to you. I thought they bullied you again.


He’s dead.

” Bullying never stopped ma’am but I’m fine I can assure you that. ” I said and handed her some papers that I have been working on for the school paper.

” I made some interesting topic about the school since there are events going to happen next month, I thought it might help. ”

” I see, thanks you so much, Rosaline, I ‘ll check on it later, but please join us after class okay? ”

I nodded my head to her when the bell rings.

Heading towards the cafeteria I again looked for Clark who is Mysteriously not around.

Is he playing games again?

Closing my eyes I began to get my temper raised, another side of Clark is him pissing me off to play a game. He usually does this whenever I get so mad at him, he’s using the advantage of Mom letting him take my lunch so I could go look after him.

But no.

I won’t find him.

What’s the purpose of me having a bank account and a credit to cannot afford my lunch?

I walked towards the counter and ordered my meal, I was about to pay though when it turns out my credit card isn’t in my bag. I checked my pocket for some cash and how dumb I was to forget it on my jeans I wore the other day.

” Miss? ” The cashier called which made me groaned.

” Would you mind if I take these first and pay you later? My card isn’t in my bag and I don’t have cash with me, I could pay you later once I get my money on my locker. ” I said which she raised her eyebrows and brought her hand to her waist pointing me.

” You don’t make me a fool miss, many students have done that acts and its a no! ” She scolded me making people around snap towards my place.

I hate the attention they are giving me now.

” I’m not joking– ”

” Its’s okay I got her. ” A guy beside me said and paid for my lunch.

I looked at him and frowned.

” Hey, why did you do that? ” I asked and he smiled.

” It’s okay I understand people like you, trust me been there. ”

” But I don’t need your help. ” I blurted out which made him amused.

Why do I feel like I’m having deja vu?

” Wow, I think you should thank me. ”

” And why would I? For you being a gentleman? Well sorry not sorry but i won’t. ” I said sternly and turned my back

” You know what? For a nerd like you, I don’t think you know the word appreciate better read it on the dictionary! ” He said loud enough to make everyone laugh at me.

Oh great.

” You think a dictionary could actually help? ” A voice echoed inside the cafeteria which made everyone silent.

It’s Mythion and my stupid stepbrother with his friends.

” Excuse me? ”

Mythion smirked first at him before taking my hand and passed me to Jake.

” What the heck dude? ”

”  Just hold her! ” He hissed which i turned to look at Jake and given him a death glare behind my glasses.

I don’t like the way he is holding me.

” A dictionary could never help a student these days, there is a thing call technology and I guess for a confident gentleman, you’re too old-fashioned. ”

I don’t know what to say after what Mythion said. Should I laugh? Or should I get mad?

” Let’s go we’re wasting time. ” He says and they all dragged me out of the cafeteria with peoplesuspiciously looking at me.

” Let me go! ”

” Shut up. ” He says.

” Where are you taking me?! ”

” Just shut up okay Rosaline?! ”

Turning to the left side of the building I ended up being thrown in an abandoned room with four people standing in front of me.

” Explain everything before I make up my mind and destroy your image right now. ”



TO BE CONTINUE ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
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