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Rosaline- Dangerous Love

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  • Rosaline- Dangerous Love


I wok up in a dark room, I tried moving but my hands were tied and also my mouth was covered up with a stinky cloth. I scanned the room around to see no one but only me and someone who look so familiar.

It was Mythion.

he was also tied up and still have a bleeding arm.

Rosaline -Dangerous Love

I was trying to wake him up but I only sounded like moaning. It was disgusting, yes, but for the sake of us to get out of here I need to do it the hard way.

He needs medical attention right now!

I was about to move when the door opened revealing the men who actually caught us, I acted like sleeping and then I heard a splash of water. I took a peak to see Mythion dripping wet, he was beaten up for Pete’s sake!

” Wake up kid! ” the man with a shade and weirdo hairstyle says before punching Mythion in the face.

Mythion opened his eyes and coughed looking dangerously to the man. For the first time in history, this was the only moment where I saw him like this. Guilt was then building up in me because I know I was the reason why I brought him here, I’m sure our parents were running out worried right now.

” Wake the girl now. ” The weirdo again ordered as I felt water dripped to my body and the pain from the slap they gave .

What the heck!

” She’s awake now boss. ”

I stared at the weirdo man in front of me and I hate his face, so damn disgusting!

They took the cloth from my mouth and right then I started to speak.

” What do you want? ” I asked.

” We don’t want nothing from you but our Lord maybe?  ”

” If this is about the hacking game tell him I am not scared. ”

He laughed at me firest before another bucket of water were splashed on me again, he held my face so tight that made me flinched because it hurts.

” You’re a very tough girl Rosaline, but not clever. ” He says

I thought he was going to make an action to me again but to my surprise, a gunshot was heard around the room. I looked at Mythion thinking that he might have been shot again and I was glad it was just a show to scare me.

I closed my eyes.

This might be my last time seeing this world if I don’t get ro make a smart action right now.

He pointed Mythion who looked so pale due to blood loss and pointed his gun, my eyesturned wide as he shot another bullet again that almost reached Mythion.

I began shaking to what I have seen.

” Tell me what David Ton doing inside his company besides handling his business? ”

” You’re getting nothing from me jerk! ” I spat out.

” Okay, I can be easy to deal with.. kill him. ” He orders as I watched Mythion wince in pain, he was beaten brutally.

” Stop! please stop! ” I cried.

I’m seeing enough of this, I can’t handle the images. It was like I was being the one hurt than him being so quit watching me.

” Any answers? ”

” Fine, I’ll give you answers just leave him alone! ”

He slapped me again.

” Rosaline! ”

” You think I’m a fool? Stop kidding around Rosaline, that line of yours is old. ”

” What part of it you can’t understand / I said I’m telling the truth. ”

” Too much drama.. don’t worry your life won’t end here that fast. Our Lord would like to meet you after, so just enjoy your stay and pray. ”

Then they left the room laughing, I watched Mythion covered with blood as I let myself cry.

” Rosaline you looked so tough yet very scared ” Mythion says

” Shut up! You don’t know how I feel. ”

” Rosaline.. stop acting strong I nearly got myself killed because of that. ”

I glared what is he talking about? Right, so it was now my fault? I didn’t order him to fight and be a hero for me! He was the one who punched them first.

” You know what? I think I wished you were killed. ”

” You can’t do that. ” He says and I frown.

” And why would that be? You know what? I hate you! I don’t know what you ate to rescue me with your cliche acr. ”

” Enough with the talk now, let’s get you out of here. ”

” What–How did you– ”

I can’t believe it? He just untied his self! Is that the reason why he has been so quiet?

” Move a little closer. ” He says as I felt the ropes been cut out of my hand.

” Now what? We can’t go through that door because for sure they are guarding us. ”

” Who says we are escaping through that door? ” He asked.

Holding my hands he guided me through the dark entering a small door and there I saw a window open.

” Come on Rosaline! He hisses as he helped me climb through the window and jump towards the ground.

We both now escaped the warehouse we have been when someone saw us running towards the open place, I was holding Mythion’s hand so tight because I got afraid when gunshots were heard.

” Just run with me. ” He says and I did so

” Boss they are escaping! One of the men shouted which made Mythion and me run fast.

I thought we were about to set free but to my dismay, four men had surrounded us both. they were so huge that could double the size of Mythion and I, then men actually had weapons with them.

Compared to Mythion he got nothing but me holding his hand.

” Stay here and calm yourself. ” He said before he started to fight.

Mythion was not that strong enough but he moves clever and fast, I wasn’t even breathing when I saw someone going to stab him on his back but he managed to block him using his hand that wasn’t injured.

Walking towards his place I stopped when I felt cold metal on my side pointed, then the weirdo man put his arm around my neck making me his hostage.

” Mythion Harris I din’t know you were as clever as your parents but not clever enough to save a damsel in distress. ”

” Leave her alone Marcus. ” He dangerously said.

” Sorry son but we need her. ”

The weirdo men actually started walking when I heard a familiar voice.

” Leave her alone now Marcus or I will scatter your brain to the ground. ”


” So you brought your friends? How stupid I am, I was having the right hand of David Ton. ”

The right hand of my Dad? I can’t understand?

” Enough talk! Now drop the gun and leave my sister alone. ”

I felt the cold thing slowly ran up to my head as I heard what this weird guy whispered to me.

” You’re such a lucky star. ”

Closing my eyes I heard another gunshot again, this time I saw blood on my shirt.



” Rosaline! ” I heard Clark screamed as I fall to the ground.

” Rosaline fuck! ” Mythion cursed.

Before closing my eyes, I squeezed Mythion’s injury and spoked.

” You better tell me what is going on. ”


TO BE CONTINUE ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
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