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Rosaline- Dangerous Love

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  • Rosaline- Dangerous Love


I stayed inside my room the whole time, I wasn’t answering my Dad’s call and wasn’t even talking to my Mom.. Clark knocked on my door this morning asking me if what is wrong with me.

Using my cold words again I told him to stay away from me and that I don’t care if I go to school or not, I’m sure Mom sends him to communicate with me but I won’t let them.

Rosaline -Dangerous Love

I was worried about my family, I don’t know what will happen to me the next day if I will still be safe or not.

Actually, I spent my night researching this messenger who has been giving me threats. I went through some sites and even used my phone but still, I would only receive nothing.

I thought it was easy but it’s not.

Remembering the day when I actually offered myself to work with Dad, he was hesitating to accept me or not. He told me the consequences of joining his inside job and still, I insisted. I told him that no one would ever notice me and that I can handle myself safe.

And now I’m afraid I can’t do everything myself.

I always wanted to be strong and independent, I don’t want to cry on anybody’s shoulder and lean on. I wanted to fight fir myself if it means no one would hurt my family, but how can I actually do it when right now I feel so small and weak?

Just like yesterday, when I heard the messenger’s voice telling me that he is coming for me, I shrieked and cried.

My thoughts were blanked and I don’t even know what to say or to react, I have lost the strong Rosaline who doesn’t care about anything that would rather turn her back.

Instead, I showed the old me. The Rosaline who had a broken heart years ago, even Mythion saw me cried and I hate it.

I hated someone saw me crying, I guess Mythion laughed at me when I ran back home.

That bastard.

I swear I’m going to punish him if he would say anything to his friends.

I got up from my chair and look at the time, it was already 4:00 pm and anytime soon Clark and his friends would be here since it was Friday.

I changed clothes at fist and headed downstairs, Mom saw me and I already blocked her from saying anything.

” I’ll head to the park ” I said and she nodded.

” Just be careful okay. ”

I walked my way to the park where I started to think about some ways to stop this threat happening to me. Should I call my Dad or not? If I choose to report this to the FBI then my Dad would be affected by the situation happening, and I can’t risk his business.

I know it wasn’t some organization for awful things but yet it was private, Dad also had his image build up and I don’t like to ruin it by my reckless self.

At the park, I saw some kids playing. They were actually with their parents playing together and I can’t help but get jealous of them, I remember when I was a kid I always wanted to see my dad. Mom would always cover up for him which I never understood why?

I would always wait for my Dad and he would visit me once a week, I was very happy but before I turned fourteen, Mom married another man. She told me that I was only an illegitimate child and that Dad was not actually married to her, he had another family.

I was mad at my Mom and Dad at that time, I even thought of suicide to end whatever I hoped for. I ran away from home at that time and there I met my first best friend, Tracy.

She was sweet and an understanding person, I share things with her except telling her the truth. I met her parents and they actually welcomed me like their own, I got the times where I also Tracy for what she has but she would never let me feel like I’m alone.

Until one day she closed the open door for me, she started avoiding for some reason that I don’t know. I asked her how many times until she got pissed and told me the truth that her parents don’t want her to stick with me just because I was an illegitimate child.

She says that it would ruin their family’s reputation.

Since then I started to hate everyone, I never liked anyone to be friends with me even let them close. My Dad asked for forgiveness though I never gave him one until now, I only offered myself to work for him because I wanted to and I’d liked to make myself busy with my talent.

Besides, he said that he would like to support me in everything he could.

When Mom married Clark’s Dad it wasn’t that hard to adjust, he was kind to me that I saw why Mom had fallen in love with him. He was a responsible man and I can see that Clark has taken his brotherly care from him, I don’t hate him actually I just don’t want to talk with him because it get awkward the most when he is with his friends at home.

I sighed.

What a long journey I have been.

It has been two years and now memories just keep on haunting me again.

Searching for my phone in my pocket it was then I realized that I actually broked it yesterday when that creepy bastard called me.

I guess I would need to buy a new one to avoid that messenger from calling me.

I waited a few minutes watching the kids play, I did not even notice who the person was sitting beside and I did not care at all, as long as he doesn’t get to piss me off it’s alright.

” I see you cried very charming yesterday. ” A familiar voice said which made me snapped to this person and glare.

” Surprised Rosaline? ”

” What are you doing here? Are you following me? ! ” I irritatedly asked which he only answered me with a grin.

” Too confident I see. ” He snorts.

Now, what does he want?!

” If you are here to just piss me off, well piss yourself cause I’m leaving ” I said and stood up when he grabbed my hand to sit back.

” What so you want?! ” I yelled and can’t help but get mad when his face looked so very amused.

” Rosaline I never heard you yelled at someone before, I must be the first I guess? ”

The next thing he actually did was touch my face and looked into my eyes with an emotion I can’t even recognize.

I flinched when he actually did that to me, it feels so different and I don’t like it.

” Tell me what was the reason you cried yesterday Rosaline? ” He asked which I turned to look away from him.

” I know there is a reason behind. ”

Using my strength I snapped his hand away from my face and stood up, this time I gave him a death glare telling him to stop.

” Just laugh if you want to but never enter my personal problem, I can handle it myself, ” I said and started to walk back home.

I was glad when he did not follow me and I remained silent back home, I was about to turn left in my direction when a van stopped in front of me which revealed men in black suits. My heart started to beat fast as I scrambled running back to the park.

” Get her! ”

I tried my best to run fast but failed when I bumped into someone, I raised my head to his face and it was only Mythion.

Not again.

” Are you okay? ”

” Mythion run they are coming for me! ”

He frowned.

” Who? ”

” Here she’s here! ”

I looked at Mythion who was now looking at the men in black suit and held my hand tight.

” Rosaline stay here. ” He says and faced the men.

He was fighting them.

At first, I felt relieved not until I heard a gunshot. I watched Mythion fall down with his arm injured and was bleeding.

” Rosaline run! ” He shouts making me scramble again runnning.

I need help right now.

It was then finally I saw a police car, I was running fast to ask for help when it ended up the worst.

” There is no turning back milady. ”



TO BE CONTINUE ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
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