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Rosaline- Dangerous Love

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  • Rosaline- Dangerous Love


I hate what I’m actually doing, it was the first time I had ever talk to Clark and it was yesterday afternoon asking if I could ride with them back home. Now he wouldn’t stop talking to me or even getting closer. He even prepared breakfast for me and offered a ride to school

To his dismay, I actually said no. Yesterday would be the first and last that I would ever talk to him, I just got scared and wasn’t aware of what to do and since he was the only choice I swallowed my pride and took the ride with his jerk friends


Rosaline -Dangerous Love


As what I have said I don’t want to be close to anyone not even with Clark.

” Have you heard that Rosaline the freak just got a car ride with Clark and his friends yesterday? I didn’t know they would have fun with her. ”

” Is that true? Oh my gosh! I bet she would be the next towel girl in their group. ”

” I guess not I think she’s just trash. ”

I turned to look at Tracy (my ex-best friend) and her friend Joyce hearing them talk about me, I don’t get her. She chose to step out of my life and now she would care to bring rumors to me. The worst part is it involves Clark, I wouldn’t care at all if she keeps on blabbering about the car ride yesterday but calling me trash? I couldn’t believe I get myself hurt by her words.

Come on Rosaline! It has been years since you had your ex-best friend with you, she had changed and she doesn’t care if you cry or not. She said you’re a trash and that’s final! now stop looking at her and hurt yourself.

” Rosaline? ” I snapped back to myself when I saw Evan staring at me and for a moment I blinked and lowered my head.

I fixed my eyeglasses first before raising my head to see.

” Is there something wrong? ” I asked him probably sounding cold again.

” I’m sorry to bother you, but can I ask your help to this? ” He showed me his book in history class which says that it is about essay writing again.

” I’m not very good in essay writing and the teachers recommended you to help me make one. ” He explains.

I nodded my head to him and said to meet me in the library this lunchtime. I’m glad he accepted my offer and said he would be treating my lunch after.

Taking a glance on Tracy again she was now giving me a glare.

Please. I don’t care what she thinks and neither do I.

When lunchtime came I quickly fixed my things to head in the library where I would be meeting Evan to teach him in essay writing, I was about to leave the classroom when I saw Mythion standing near the classroom door looking at me. But I managed to ignore him by passing only when he again pulled my arm giving me a lunch box.

I looked at him and frowned.

” I don’t know why Clark still cares about you while you are so careless and uptight. ” He says looking from afar before looking at me.

Yanking my arm out of his hold I glared.

” Tell Clark I don’t need his brotherly care and leave me alone Mythion. ”

” I don’t want to stay long but I don’t want my friend hanging out with such freak like you. ” And after that, he left.

Right he doesn’t differentiate himself from everyone I hate.

” So when did you started writing Rosaline? ” Evan asked me while I was writing his essay for him.

” I started in my first year. ”

” Is it fun? I mean science is pretty boring for everyone but for me it’s cool so how does writing feels to you? ”

” The same way how science feels interesting to you. ” I boringly said and finally finished his essay within three minutes of having a nonsense conversation with him.

” Here I already finished the required topic for you, I think I helped a lot and I should get back to my class early. ”

” Right thank you. ” He says smiling.

I fixed my things after and was about to go when he opened a conversation again.

” You don’t talk much do you? ” He asked

So he noticed.

” I should go. ”

” Rosaline, can I invite you for a date? ”


Now he’s asking me out on a date?

” I’m sorry Evan but I don’t want to involve myself with anyone. ” I honestly say to him and left the library.

Boys and their charming moves.

I headed to Clark before going to my class, there I watched him laugh along with his friends and then stops when he saw me.

I handed him the lunch box back.

” Stop caring for me like your real sister Clark. Open your eyes and accept that I won’t be your sister you wish for. ”

I don’t want to hurt his feelings really but I just don’t like someone caring for me when I can handle myself. I’m not a kid that needs to be guarded 24/7

Proceeding to journalism club I met the senior students, they welcomed me first and asked for my name then introduced me to others. I’m actually surprised when they don’t actually know me, I didn’t think there were others living in the outside world.

They actually assigned me to history writing since I could write well. Time started very quick when someone entered late and to my surprise it was Mythion.

Don’t tell me he is entering the journalism club?

” You played basketball again, did you? ” One of the senior girls asked and Mythion just ignored her by walking in front.

He met my stare as the seniors introduce him.

” Please welcome the president of the journalism club Mythion Harris. ”

I did not see this coming, he just nods his head to everyone and sat beside me.

” I’m surprised to see you here. ” He says as I lower my head to avoid him and started writing.

Why do I feel like I wouldn’t enjoy my stay here and that something is wrong?

After a couple of time trying to rewrite my essay, I forcedly dropped my paper in front of Mythion’s face whose now grinning at me.

” Can’t you just let me go home? I think there’s nothing wrong with my essay if you want it then you can take it and do whatever you want to do with it cause I’m leaving. ”

I took my things with me and was ready to get out of his sight when my phone rang. I hissed and dropped my bag on the desk finding where my phone is and immediately answered the call.

” Mom I’m coming home okay? Just wait there. ” I said

When nobody answered my call, I suddenly felt nervous.

” Hello? ”


My heartbeat raced fast as my body turned out cold, it was the messenger who has sent me the emails and letters I get.

So it was a man.


Dropping my phone to the ground I caught my breath, this isn’t happening. No, he can’t find me.

” Rosaline? ” Mythion called as I cried.

The game had just started.



TO BE CONTINUE …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
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