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ROSALINE (Dangerous Love)-CH2

by Weeny
Rosaline- Dangerous Love

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  • Rosaline- Dangerous Love

They call me the little genius because in my past years hacking every information was just a little job for me and in my situation right now, I guess it all just away. I tried hacking the person who had emailed me earlier but to my curiosity.

It was very difficult to access, it actually had very tough security that every time I try it would only delete my program and turn back to zero.

I groaned.

This isn’t a prank at all.

This person knows who I am and is threatening my daily life to spend with.

Another message then appeared on my screen, this time it has very meaningful message.


Right now I know there’s only one person that I need to ask for help. This may be the first time I’d asked for something and I won’t take time risking myself.

Rosaline -Dangerous Love



I dialed his number on my phone and cleared my throat as he answers my call.

” Rosaline? ” his voice echoed in my room and I hesitate to talk or not.

I feel like crying.

” D-Dad.. ”

” Rosaline, are you crying? What happened? ”

” D-Dad I need your help. ”

Early in the morning people from school stopped and watched me got out of this fancy car suspiciously. I’m sure rumors would spread after this seeing me with guards which were escorting me through the school.

I didn’t want any of this. This is not what I meant as help when I asked dad for protection. It’s highly over dramatic.

I groaned in the thought of guards at the back following me, I looked like a frog princess taking her ramp in the crowd. This will only cause much attention to me again knowing students from this school are so exaggeratedly sick people!

I hissed and turned my back to the guards giving them my sharp look.

” Please tell my Dad that I don’t need you okay? And please just go back. ”

” But Miss Rosaline your Dad ordered us to protect you. ”

” Well I did ask him the favor but not this way, please tell my dad that I changed my mind and I don’t need you. Now get lost! ”

I rolled my eyes and started to walk, I already told him I don’t need someone following me. Why is it so hard for him to understand what I have said? I just wanted him to go check the email and not send some bunch of security.

When I entered the class, Clark gave me the questioning look though I ignored him sitting on my chair and focused on listening.

I was writing what was written on board when someone threw a ball of paper on my desk. At first, I ignored it by setting it aside but they never stopped. I irritatedly took the paper and read the message.


I wrote my message back to Jake saying that he should shut up and then I threw it back to him.

This guy never knew how to keep quiet even if the school principal is standing right  in front of him, he would find a way to irritate you or worst make you drown to hell.

As I ignored his craziness during the class period I did not expecting him kicking my chair, he is definitely testing my patience!

I wrote a letter to Clark and threw it towards his desk and glares when he raised his head then looked at me.

He better keeps his friends out of my sight right now or else I would hack his social account and would likely to destroy his popularity on both sides.

” Jake I’m warning you ” Clark said and finally Jake stopped bothering me. I thought he would like to have fun on social media. I was actually planning my revenge on him.

” Class I would like to announce that this coming festival next month the faculty and staff decided for us to have the authority of designing the fair, I hope you guys would cooperate this time. ”

Now here it goes, the festival. The time where I make myself busy with my job, it’s either I spend my time in the computer lab or spend it with Dad. But I guess this time I’d rather stay in my room all night, I don’t want to tire myself knowing someone is watching my back. I should be careful.

I didn’t not stay at the place where I ate my lunch last time instead I stayed on the gym taking a nap and playing with my laptop, I heard the gym door opens and I snapped towards the person I often see in my chemistry class last quarter.

It was Evan, he is a basketball player on Raver’s team. He’s actually a top-notcher and a very kind person, I heard that he would be running for the position of president this coming student council election and it wasn’t bad.

He was a good example in school not like my stepbrother’s group, total jerks.

I stood up in the bleacher to leave when he noticed me and called my name.

” Rosaline? What are you doing here? ” He asked me

” Hi uhm…, I was just taking a rest ” I said avoiding his stare.

” I see I think I’d cover up for you since the counselor is outside, you know in case she asks why are you in here. ”

I shyly gave him a smile and nodded my head.

See I told you he is a great guy.

Before going back home my teacher in English class actually asked me to report on the faculty room for the essay writing I have written yesterday. She asked me to recite it for her and offered me to be one her of journalism students, I did accept the offer since I love writing. She said that I should start tomorrow so that I can meet the others working on the school paper.

Taking my bag from my locker another letter was sent to me.

Now, what is it this time?


My body turned out cold. This is not fun at all and instead of walking, I ended up running. I know the person who sends me the letters is just somewhere around the place.

I may not know who exactly it was but I’m aware what the letter said was true, I just turned my life in the danger zone.

Reaching the school exit door I saw them all.

I caught my breath at first and called him.

” Clark! ” He surprisedly¬† turned to face me and frowned seeing me all sweat.

” Rosaline? What’s wrong? ”

” Can I ride with you back home? ”



TO BE CONTINUE …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
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