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ROSALINE (Dangerous Love)-CH1

by Weeny
Rosaline- Dangerous Love

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  • Rosaline- Dangerous Love


There are many kinds of people around this world we are living along. They just come and go like the air entering our respiratory system and without them, we actually die.

My name is Rosaline… I’m sixteen and I live in my own world alone.

You may think I’m popular but I’m not. People from my school usually call me a freak and I don’t care, as long as they are out of my sight at the end of the day I think I’d call myself free.

I don’t like to be involved with people. I don’t want to even communicate with them because for me once they enter your life they’re like a bomb going to explode your feelings inside.

Rosaline -Dangerous Love

I hate drama and I hate everyone in my school.

You can hate me if you want to.

But I won’t hate you… know why ?

Because right now I’m going to tell how my story began. How I ended up locking myself in an empty space.

My dad was actually a very rich man, my mom was, unfortunately, his mistress. I never had the complete family I wanted a long before and also my best friend Trace. Just because I had my family issues her parents doesn’t want me to get friends with her.

My dad was not that close to me ever since but one thing is for sure, he supports me with his wealth giving all the needs I want. My mom married another man, I had a stepbrother whom I don’t like to hang with, I’d rather lock inside my room than seeing his friends around the house after school.

I earned to get myself busy with technologies. Inside my room, I actually designed my own computer accessing every detail I could get from my dad.

Yes, I have a secret to tell you, I actually work for my dad in his inside job.

I am his little hidden daughter and his little hacker.

And that is why I don’t like being with other people rather than being with my computer, I have a mission and I need to be secured in dealing with other people around me because I know my family I are not safe because… I just enter the dangerous zone in my life by messing with bigger people around here in Gravenille.


Rosaline’s Prov

I walked in the hallway with the same usual stare everyone is giving me, some were laughing, giving me death glares and others acted like vomiting.

” She’s definitely a freak. ” I heard someone says.

But I did not pay them any attention at all, I just walked like nothing ever happened and went straight to my class in physics. There I had calculated my time for this day, I would likely to skip gym class but knowing Clark (my stepbrother) would tell my mom about it. That’s the reason why I hate him like the others in school. He’s a jerk and I hate him trying to involve his self in my life. I don’t need his concerns, I don’t need his brotherly care and for most, I hate his friends.

I seated quietly in my chair, his friends did the prank on me again sticking notes in my back.

” Get that off her Jake! ” I heard Clark hissed.

” That’s no fun, Clark… Come on she’s just your step sister, you’re not even related ” said Jake.

Under my desk, I fisted my hand, I was controlling myself to not get pissed and tried to ignore them for the whole time. They were noisy as five-year-old kid, are they even for real? These jocks are so annoying in the class. If only I had the power of kicking them off I would likely to do it.

I hate their title and the word popular school boys around the class who loved to be admired by girls. Yeah, right they are popular, and so what? they are not sent to school to just show charms in everyone. I think I’d like to see the school’s facilities than them being disgusting every morning… and yeah take note our house too.

There were actually four of them.

Raver the basketball captain, Jake the Casanova, Clark my quarterback stepbrother and lastly Mythion their leader and only quiet person in their side.

Everybody likes them except for me.

As the bell rings, I stood up fast on my seat and removed the paper from my back. I turned to my stepbrother’s seat and handed him the paper before leaving.

I headed for English class instead of history class, I changed my mind on going inside that class because I know they would also be there. I don’t want any further headaches for today.

I’d like to relax and write my five hundred essays this morning rather than the later afternoon.

My teacher in English wasn’t surprised by seeing me, Teacher around the school actually know my situations with the popular so they won’t bother me changing my class schedules.

Then lunch time came… and this is what I hated most in my life.

Getting my lunch from Clark.

I don’t know why mom is pursing me to hang with Clark when it’s obvious that I don’t like him! I don’t fit myself to be his sweet sister and I would never like to be one.

” Look at her style..dude she looks like a living nun in school ” Jake said to Raver who was looking at me while laughing his self to death.

” Here Rosaline..I’m sorry about Jake. ” He apologizes where I remained silent and took my lunch from him.

” See! she wasn’t even talking dude! She’s a total freak. ”

” Jake enough will you?! ” Clark yelled which made me stunned and so does everyone in the cafeteria.

” Dude relax ” Raver said

Not wanting to hear any further conversation with them, I already turned my back and left them there arguing to each other’s face.

Taking my place in the shady tree, there I sat with my laptop and ate my lunch. I was watching a movie myself before a message popped out my screen, it was an email sent to me by an unknown person



I stopped myself from eating and closed my laptop, I scanned around the place to see only one person standing with his hand on his pocket watching me.

A shiver ran down my spine.

Could it be him?

With my trembling hands, I walked passed by him not even looking in the eye and headed to my next class. My thoughts were now scrambled that I can’t even understand and what am I writing.


It’s not possible that someone had noticed me hacking the files, I am aware of that because I cleaned every device I had gone with. Besides nobody knows my secret and I had no friends to share with, or maybe that was just a prank? Maybe Clark’s friends were making fun of me again that’s why


There are only making fun of me and nobody knows who I am.

” Rosaline are you okay? ” Asked my teacher which made me raisemy head to smile and nod.

” Don’t bother yourself, Rosaline.. it was nobody. ”

After changing in the girl’s locker room.

I had actually received a message again from inside my locker when I had opened it and guess what? It says that I better watch my back.

Shoving the paper in my pocket, I waited for everyone to leave the room so that I would end up to be the last one remaining. When there was nobody left, I searched the room for somebody who’s hiding around the corner but to find out nobody was there.

” It’s only a prank ” I told myself again leaving the locker room.

It was only me in the hallway walking when I heard footsteps. My heart then started to beat fast, I know I shouldn’t be scared because it might be some student or the school’s janitor walking. I closed my eyes when the person with heavy footsteps walk beside me which made me more nervous at the thought.

No! Rosaline it can’t be him

He slowly pulled my arm in one swift motion making me turn to meet his eyes as I heard a flash of water that was supposed to be thrown to me.

” Next time  Rosaline you should learn to protect yourself. ” He says before leaving.

I couldn’t process everything.. what just happened? Is that really Mythion?


TO BE CONTINUE …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
                                                                                                                                                       Click here to read chapter 2>>>
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