Home News Okay Bill Seeking to Upgrade Yaba Tech to University of Technology Status.

Okay Bill Seeking to Upgrade Yaba Tech to University of Technology Status.

by Owhofasa Precious

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On Thursday, 23rd May, 2019, the Senate Okay Bills passed the City University Technology (Est., etc) Yaba Bill, 2018 for second reading.

Considering the debate, the Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District, Ashafa, debated and argued that if the bill is considered, “it would improve the performance and effectiveness of the institution to achieve all of its aim”, he quoted.

According to the Senate, he said in quote, “If Nigeria has has plans to become one of the top notch world’s leading economies, we must be set to adjust and strategize our educational institutions, so that it’s dividends are channelled towards the technological challenges inherent in projects like that”.

Similarly, the new University of Technology will motivate the advancement and enhancement of learning, and benefit all persons, without distinction of sex, race, or political, conviction or assurance for opportunity of achieving a higher and liberal education, he said.

The Senate said he is personally happy about the prospect of transforming this polytechnic to a university of technology, because it will definitely motivate and inspire both the students and the academic staff, respectively.

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