TERRIFYING : moment man sets Porsche on fire as woman sits inside it at petrol station in China

This is the shocking moment a man set fire to a Porsche with a woman inside it at a petrol station in southern China.

CCTV footage captured in Shenzhen on December 16 at just after 3pm shows a man rush towards the Porsche as it was being refuelled.

He pulled out the fuel gun and ignited the gasoline. Flames quickly engulfed one side of the Porsche.

Another man who had been standing behind the Porsche rushed forward to help the woman out of the front of the car.

The two of them ran clear as petrol station staff rushed forward with extinguishers and swiftly put out the flames, preventing a deadly explosion.

It was unclear whether the woman was the driver, or the car was a left or right-hand drive.

The man who started the fire was detained by police and the incident is being investigated.