I have been thinking about this lady.

This is Okonkwo Tiana ,

She is a graduate, a friend from the same town and a sister too.

Tiana approached me after her Youth Service to the nation and told me to help her that she is looking for a job, I was open to her and I told her that being selfemployed pays off than most jobs in Nigeria now. (People receive below $70 as monthly salary here in Nigeria and to tell you the truth, it is a mere waste of people’s time and energy).

Long story cut short, Tiana started food stuff business with the help of family and friends. She goes into the farm in far away northern states to buy yams and deliver it to a Western state (Lagos State). She suffers the cold(especially now that we are in harmattan season), she endures the stress of traveling several miles on a truckload of yam amidst other challenges.

I want to use the post to thank her for not relying on anyone for urgent 2k.

I want to use this post to encourage her not to give up.

Please, drop a word of encouragement for her too.

I also want to use this post to motivate our youths to start up something no matter how small and stop looking up to people for little help that comes with a lot of insults.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/100002139791935/posts/4842404455840833/