Aeroplane belonging to the United Nigeria Airline refuelled at the Anambra State International Cargo and Passenger Airport, yesterday. The aircraft marked 5N-BWZ took fuel from a CITA Petroleum truck under the watchful eyes of an NCAA inspector while parked on the apron of the Anambra airport.

The Anambra airport commenced full flight operations on Tuesday, December 7 when a commercial plane from the Air Peace fleet, landed in the airport following NCAA’s clearance to the airport to begin flight operations. It was the first time a commercial aeroplane landed in the airport.

Shortly after, on December 18, United Nigeria Airlines commenced commercial flight operations to the Anambra airport. And just yesterday, an aeroplane belonging to the airline refuelled in the airport.

This simple yet remarkable moment marked the first time an aircraft will refuel at the Anambra State International Cargo and Passenger Airport.

It will be no surprise if the NCAA lifts all restrictions placed on the airport sooner as Gov Obiano readies to meet the requirements of all regulatory agencies.

With his legacy projects glittering amid dazzling Christmas lights, there is no question about Obiano’s place in history and the hearts of ndị Anambra. He is indeed finishing Strong.