Popular Nigerian star, Davido knows what it takes to be present in his childern’s lives and he does not let fame or work ruin it for him. It’s no news that the singer is one very intentional about being present in the lives of his three children even though they are from three different women and sometimes in different locations.

Daddy of the year From his Instagram story channel, it was clear that Davido set out time to hang out with his first child, Imade, and only son, Ifeanyi

He shared a video of when he picked Imade up, and they ended up at a restaurant with Ifeanyi. Imade was a cute big sister as she attempted to help Ifeanyi out with his drink even though he was only interested in the cucumber decoration on the cup

Another clip showed Davido holding both kids in his arms as he delivered kisses on their faces with Imade protesting