As shared by Ayodele Olofintuade:

In Ibadan the police at Iyaganku were preparing to go and shoot protesters. They had their guns out and machetes, they’d started shooting into the air singing songs of war. I snapped a picture, one of them spotted me.

Six armed police men on okada started chased the taxi I was in. They caught up with us at Ibadan Tennis Club and they beat me with thei guns for nearly 30 minutes because I refused to hand my phone over to them.

They dragged the taxi driver out and attempted to drive me off. I fought them they kept beating me. When they finally drove me into their station, they dragged me out of the taxi and beat me some more.

My son was in the taxi with me they told him to leave but he refused, so they started beating him too. They slapped him so hard that for almost six months his ear kept ringing.
My guardians called the police station and forced them to release me after almost four hours. I still can’t talk about what happened in the station. And it wasn’t their main office either, they would have disappeared me for taking one picture.

It didn’t end after they released me either. The Nigerian SS followed me around for months. The only good thing that happened was that they couldn’t go and shoot at challenge any longer. The way they killed people at Ojoo the previous day.