Just felt like dropping some very hard truths about life in general. We may not like or agree with them, but that’s just the way it is.

1. Many people will never be wealthy no matter how hard they work.

2. People around you generally want you to be successful, just not better than them

3. There’s no purpose in life. We are the ones to create purpose for ourselves.

4. Planning too much and overthinking can in most cases be a recipe for failure.

5. You are not irreplaceable. No one is.

6. Salutation is not love.

7. Money, love and relationships will definitely make you happier, but most of your happiness and peace will always have to come from within you.

8. Most people only keep you around because of what they can get from you. As soon as you loose that “usefulness”, they’ll disappear from your life.

9. It is hard for a total stranger to hurt you. Most of your struggles in life will come from the actions of close friends and family

10. Regret is a waste of time, learn and move on.

11. Perfection does not exist.

12. Life’s unfair. It’s been like that from the beginning and will remain so till the end. You just have to learn to deal with it.