Reno Omokri has taken to social media to tackle the seeming ”hypocrisy” of the Islamic police otherwise known as Hisbah in Kano state.

Hisbah has made news on several occasions for the arrests and actions they have taken since they were commissioned in the state. The Islamic police in Kano last year made news when it arrested a barber for giving his customer a haircut perceived to be ”Haram”. 

Reno in a tweet shared on his IG page, shared a photo of singer, Mayokun, with his haircut and wondered why the Hisbah police did not arrest him.

‘Hypocrisy is when Kano Hisbah cuts off the un-Islamic haircut of the poor, yet leave the un-Islamic haircuts of those who attended Buhari’s son’s wedding. Or crucify Rahama Sadau over her dress, yet are pacified over the stylish dresses of the bride and her guests”