Former Military Leader, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has listed 7 qualities Nigeria’s next President must have in order to steer the country to greatness.

IBB, in an interview with Arise TV on Friday, admonished Nigerians to watch out for candidates in their sixties who understand the nation’s deepest problems.

POLITICS NIGERIA monitored the Interview and here are 7 qualities IBB listed that the country’s next leader must have;

1. Must be a good Nigerian leader

2. Must be a person who is well travelled across Nigeria

3. Must be someone who has friends everywhere

4. Must be very verse in Economics

5. Must be a good Politician

6. Should be able to ‘talk’ to Nigerians

7. Should be in his Sixties

The former leader will be turning 80 on the 17th of August 2021.