1. Secessionists are not the problem of Nigeria

2. Violent protesters are not the problem of Nigeria

3. Traffic offenders are not the problem of Nigeria

4. Yahoo boys are not the problem of Nigeria

5. Those who deface & destroy state properties are not the problem of Nigeria

6. Those who gives bribe to all security agents are not the problem of Nigeria

7. Those who must be paid to vote a candidate are not the problem of Nigeria

8. Smugglers are not the problem of Nigeria

9. Those establishing and writing exams in special centers are not the problem of Nigeria

10. Those who indulge in sex for marks are not the problem of Nigeria

11. Contractors doing shabby or even Uncompleted jobs are not the problem of Nigeria

12. Civil servants with zero integrity and no commitment to serving the Nation are not the problem of Nigeria

13. Gov’t Teachers/Doctors/Nurses coming to job at will with very low productivity are not the problem of Nigeria

14. Drivers/Conductors/Pedestrians throwing refuse on the streets they know nobody sweeps are not the problem of Nigeria

15. Cultists are not the problem of Nigeria

One thing I want us all to know is this; you can’t ever build a sane country where all mentioned above are seen as normal. Only in this country do we pass judgment on people base on tribal and religious sentiments.

If Nigeria must be great, we MUST all play our parts to make it work. Don’t ever say your sin means nothing & sure have no effect on the country it does. We must learn to live a life of principle, a life where we can easily correct our friends & families around us when they do wrong.

You can’t say you love this country & attribute all its problems & failures to the Gov’t. NO! We are a part & parcel of why this country is where it is today & only when we shun MANY, if not all of those bad vices that we will start to see a new Nigeria.

The constitution will not change people. The constitution no matter how robust it is will never work when people of integrity are not enforcing it. Where are those people going to come from? Same populace who doesn’t see anything wrong with giving or taking bribe,
& we expect them to get there & become St. Peter or Mary?

We all have a responsibility, we have a duty owed to this country. If the leaders want it to fail, will you also go so low to see it fail? We say politicians rigs election, do they rig it without the help of the same populace crying “bad governance”?

We should admit we have corruption embedded in a large population of us, because, only through that admittance we can charter a new course on how to change the narratives.

I feel bad sometimes thinking about this great Nation. So many forces against it but they don’t even see their actions as unpatriotic. A journalist is against a Gov’t because of lack of envelope, but as a regular citizen watching or reading the news every day,
you see it as doing his/her job while he/she throws up sentiments only to gradually cajoled you into turning yourself against your country all because of his personal problem.
The biggest LIE anyone will ever tell you in your life is when they tell you ONLY the Gov’t is our problem. We have a deep-rooted problem that will take the effort of Parents, Schools, the Church & the Gov’t to effect change.

a. A parent who doesn’t believe in Nigeria will never groom a patriotic citizen.

b. A parent who love corruption and cutting corners will always end up having a child that sees “Fraud” as Hustle.

c. A parent who throws dirt from the window of his/her car is gradually teaching the children to do the same.

d. A parent who sees political office as a means to amass wealth will never see anything wrong with his children ripping their constituents, Local Gov’t, State or even the National treasury off.

But in my Nigeria today, even Parents wants us to believe these politicians & corrupt officials suddenly became greedy the moment they took office. It seems the whole of Nigeria is devoid of crime or corruption amongst the populace, except the politicians.

Such wonderful people that only politicians are just their problem. Nigeria may God deliver us from people who think like this. If you fail as a parent, just know you’re failing Nigeria because of the next nuisance you’ll be creating.

Na Papa & Mama born Invictus Obi, Hushpuppi & many of the Nigerian Youths languishing in jail in different countries for FRAUD & DRUG related crimes. They have families & friends, but none are politicians & only politicians are our problem.

I rest my case!