The National Broadcasting Commission has sanctioned Human Rights Radio “for recurring unprofessional conduct” after host, Ahmed Isah, was filmed slapping someone again.

Ahmed Isah, the host of Brekete Family program on Human Rights Radio, had been seen slapping an abusive woman in a video while interviewing her after she set fire to her niece’s head. He later apologized and said his “zeal and passion” got the better of him.

However, another video surfaced, showing the human rights activist slapping a man in front of a crowd.

NBC said they met with Ahmed Isah and he apologized but “the action of the broadcaster is in clear violations of the Broadcasting Code and a betrayal of the confidence reposed on him by the people and government of Nigeria.”

NBC adds that over the years, the Commission has cautioned Human Rights Radio “over repeated cases of outright abuse” and conducted training programs for the station and the host of Brekete Family, yet not much has changed.

As a result, the NBC said it has “ordered the suspension of the license of the broadcaster, until the broadcaster commits to ethical and professional broadcasting.”

The suspension order takes effect from May 31, 2021, and lasts for 30 days, after which the broadcaster is to pay a recommencement fee.